Caffeine Fix

Instagram Photo Courtesy of @comacoffee

Downtown St. Louis hosts an eclectic craft-coffee scene. Coma Coffee Roasters keeps you fueled at the hotel, of course, but there are other—pardon the pun—coffee grounds to cover. Five blocks northwest of the hotel, Catalyst Coffee Bar on Pine Street is tucked into Art Saint Louis (a non-profit curating art shows in this very space) and perfect to duck into during the daytime (it’s closed after 4 p.m. weekdays and 4 p.m. Saturdays; closed Sundays). Instead of roasting its own beans or relying on just one roaster, the beans of many from around the country are ground and brewed. Another café to check out is Park Avenue Coffee on North 10thStreet, which not only sells Gooey Butter Cake (a signature sweet in St. Louis loved by locals for its rich, dense flavor and tons of butter) but also retails a bake-at-home mix for the perfect memento from your trip. As one of Missouri’s top specialty-coffee roasters, Kaldi’s Coffee’s (named for the Ethiopian goat-herder who discovered the coffee plant in 850 AD) location inside City Garden on Chestnut Street — an urban garden and sculpture park — features drinks that are a twist on the traditional latte (like sweet matcha latte). Plus, instead of just a basic drip they also make nitro cold-brew coffee, as well as yummy health-minded all-day breakfast, like avocado toast or veggie hash with faux-rizo(meatless chorizo).

By Kristine Hansen